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Where To Buy Swim Socks

Featured Products

blueseventy Swim Socks
blueseventy Swim Socks by Blue Seventy

  • Rinse with cool water after use
  • Form fitting Neoprene sock prevents injury to sole of foot when...
  • China

National Geographic Fitted Low Cut 2 mm Fin Socks, Booties for Snorkeling, Scuba, or Swim
National Geographic Fitted Low Cut 2 mm Fin Socks, Booties for Snorkeling, Scuba, or Swim by National Geographic

  • Shaped for maximum comfort
  • Non Skid Pattern on the Sole Make for Improved Footing.
  • National Geographic Quality

Swimming In Dough Custom Elite Socks
Swimming In Dough Custom Elite Socks by Customize Elite Socks

  • Reinforced heel and toe for enhanced durability
  • Made In USA
  • Supportive fit with arch compression

Synergy Neoprene Swim Booties
Synergy Neoprene Swim Booties by Synergy

  • 2 mm neoprene and higher, longer length effectively seals out water.
  • Synergy's Neoprene Booties prevent injury to the sole of your foot...
  • These booties are form fitting which helps to minimize water entry...

New Surf/Swim Fins Review article and Comparison!

Go over again on some new surf/swim fins I purchased the other day! The brand is unknown (at least to me). Sorry about ending, I lost my train of thought after my r...

Japan Truck! Crazy & Kawaii!

I enjoyed my chance in Tokyo SO MUCH! The food was awesome, the fashion was epic and the nightlife was incredible! If you've ever been to Japan, let me know so...

  • Torri P

    Where can I buy First socks in a childs size 13?

    My 7 year old daughter needs some wet socks. When we swim her poor little toes crack and bleed. We don't want to give up swimming, so I want to...

    Swimfin makes swim socks that'll fit your needs. They're at on amazon:...

  • Sophia

    Is it unsophisticated to swim in socks?

    My feet get callous.....

    ...Buy "deuterium oxide socks" or "Aqua Socks" ...they will help keep body heat in your feet & they are made for use in water sports. So they won't look weird. Nike makes some....go online & sort Water Socks.

  • Geraldine

    So the New York Yankees buy there 27th christen tonight?

    what do you y'all contemplate now that the Yankees have bought there first World Series title since 2000

    IF you're docile to read... I thought you Yankee Haters only said the Yankees can "buy" championships, cause they SIGN the best free agents and ACQUIRE the best players in the course trades... Let's see the pitchers that the Phillies bought: Joe Blanton("bought" or ACQUIRED him...

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  • Dimity McDowell: Flexing My Volunteer Muscles

    10/03/14 ,via velonews.competitor.com

    After the swim, volunteers stripped my uninjured wetsuit off (not an easy task), then fastened my bike helmet and slathered me with sunscreen; volunteers dug through my drop bags to find the one packet of vanilla GU—nestled between six chocolate ones—I

  • Handsome Little Elephant Figures Out if the The Tiny Pond Is Safe to Swim in (VIDEO)

    10/03/14 ,via One Green Planet

    As children, we had those moments when we needed to assay the water before diving into something new and different. Remember going to the pool or lake and dipping your toe in a bit to feel the temperature and depth? Just like a child, the elephant in

  • Beth Policy test: Poised for strong half-Ironman finish

    10/02/14 ,via The Desert Sun

    I've put 3,087 miles on my bike odometer and drawn tired an estimated 317 pairs of socks. My race starts early Sunday morning in the hills outside Reporter Beth Roessner puts on a swim cap till to an open-water swim. Beth competes in her first half

  • Tim and Eric are all about making creepy serene in Pittsburgh tour stop

    10/01/14 ,via Tribune-Review

    In a current episode of the new Adult Swim series “Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories,” Bob Odenkirk plays a doctor who snaps off compliant patients' toes and then secretly gobbles them down like they were potato chips. Just bring out up in your mouth? That's

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Photo by 4xpi4xpi on Flickr

red arizona fall me water creek river waterfall stream desert indian grandcanyon sox redsox canyon falls havasu markus reservation havasucanyon havasufalls

Havasu Falls October 18, 2009 Havasu Gorge, Arizona
Photo by Devin Ford on Flickr

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Home Speedo Swim Socks Swimming Socks Speedo Latex Swim Socks

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